The cast of "Downton Abbey"

I just recently started watching “Downton Abbey” which is a British television show that comes on PBS. It is set in the Edwardian era and follows the servents and the Crawley family which owns Downton Abbey, a Yorkshire country house. It is filled with beautiful names and I thought I would make a list of them. Some of the names are of guest characters as well. I’ll list their last names too.


Violet Crawley
Cora Crawley
Rosamund Painswick
Mary Josephine Crawley
Sarah O’Brien
Anna Smith
Edith Crawley
Sybil Crawley
Daisy Robinson
Isobel Crawley
Lavinia Catherine Swire
Gwen Dawson
Beryl Patmore
Elsie Hughes
Marigold Shore


Matthew Crawley
John Bates
Tom Branson
Robert Crawley
William Mason
Thomas Barrow
Charles Carson
Richard Carisle
Evelyn Napier