Meaning: “Sparkle”
Gender: Unisex
Pronunciation: TEN-sull
Origin: Old French
Other forms of the name: N/A

A sweet little name with a lovely meaning. Tinsel is, of course, the thin strips of silvery polyvinyl chloride that we use to decorate our house and Christmas tree. It was originally made from actual strips of silver, but because it tarnishes so quickly they decided to start using other materials. It was originally used to decorate sculptures instead of Christmas trees. It was supposed to represent the starry night sky over the Nativity scene and enhance the flickering of candles in the Christmas tree. The word “tinsel” comes from the Old French estincele which means “sparkle”. Tinsel is sometimes referred to as lametta.

Now you may be thinking, where in the world did I come up with this one? Well, I’ll tell you. I saw this name on an actress named Tinsel Korey. She is probably best known for her role as Emily Young in the “Twilight” movie franchise.