Hello! I’m Bree and this is my name blog. This is my second name blog, my first one I deleted because I wanted a fresh start. Please feel free to comment and suggest names for me to write about!

This is blog is mostly for my enjoyment, to profile extremely unusual names or the most common out there. Every name is interesting in its own way. I hope you enjoy this blog, if so, leave a comment if you please!


11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Here are some suggestions for names to write about. These are all names from my family tree that I’d like to know more about (if you can find anything on them).

    Plez (full name was Plez Dewey)

  2. Hi Bree! I’ve been watching the show Grimm and there is a character on the show named Adalind and it’s stuck with me. I think it’s very elegant and unique and I was curious if you’d come across it or if any of your sources have any information on it.

    • It is Old Germanic and possibly means “noble and tender”. It might also mean “noble snake”, which is a good meaning for her!

      • Haha! So very true! Awesome. I’m glad it is a real name because I’ve fallen in love with it 🙂 Thanks!!

  3. Hello,
    Recently came across the name Vela (VAY-luh) which is Latin in origin but also used in other languages like Spanish (word for candle) and some Slavic languages (looks like just as a diminutive). Just wondering if you have any other information, comments, or could find personal usage of it. Also really like the French place name Lisieux, most commonly known from St. Therese of Lisieux. If you have any other information about its origins or meanings we would love to hear it! We really enjoy your website, the name choices and photos are so intriguing. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much!
      For Vela, I see that it is the name of a constellation. It is Latin for the sails of a ship. Another site lists it could mean “shore” or “coast”. The brightest star in this constellation is the Gamma Velorum. There is also Carlos Vela who is a Mexican football player. Vela is very pretty and I love that it is a name for a constellation. I also found the word “velum” which is a membrane like layer of tissue; maybe they are related?

      The name of Lisieux comes from a Gallic tribe of people called the “Lexovii”. I can’t find much more on it. I really like the sound of Lisieux and think it is quite lovely.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  4. Searching for the name Nykhor is how I found your blog which is a wonderful idea. So I thought I’d suggest it. I know it’s Sudanese but I can’t really find any other information. How you pronounce it and what it means are what I’m really interested in.

    • I have searched and searched for information on Nykhor, but can never find anything. It seems Nykhor Paul is the only person out there with the name. It does resemble the Igbo name Nkiru, which is a short form of Nkiruka, which means “The best is yet to come”. As for pronunciation, I have no idea. I pronounce it Nih-KOR.

  5. do you know anything about the name Artemis ? i really love it. oh and the name Thylane (pronounced tea lynne or tea la in french) thanks 🙂

    • Artemis is one of my favorites! I will make a post about it, because there is quite a bit to explain about the myths surrounding it!
      I don’t know a lot about Thylane, aside from the fact it is the name of the ten year old model Thylane Blondeau. Some claim it is a version of a combination of the Vietnamese names Thuy Lan or Thy Lan, meaning “gentle orchid”.

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