Meaning: Mutiple, from “spring child”, to “sun, sunlight” to “radiance or shine”.
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: hah-ROO-kee (I think)
Origin: Japanese
Other forms of the name: N/A

A perfect name for a Spring baby. There are many different kanji used for this name, like most Japanese names, so it doesn’t have just one meaning. Other meanings are “clear up” or “hope/rare”.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons, I was born during Spring, and I love the weather, although it is more like Summer than Spring down here in the south. In Spring the days become longer because the axis of the Earth is starting to tilt towards the Sun. Because of this, the Earth starts to warm, allowing plants to grow. Spring is a time of revival, and new life. There are many Spring festivals, the most famous probably being Easter, which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ in Christian mythology.

A famous namesake is author Haruki Murakami. He is said to be one of the greatest living novelists. His most recent novel is “1Q84” which came out in 2009.