A portrait of Marie Antoinette at thirteen by Joseph Ducreux

I have a weird fascination with the ill-fated Queen of France, Marie Antoinette. I think it is so interesting to hear all the different opinions about her. Here I have listed the names of some of Marie Antoinette’s family.

Marie was born to Empress Maria Theresa Walburga Amalia Christina and Emperor Francis Stephen I in November of 1775 in Vienna, Austria.

She had sixteen siblings including herself:

Maria Elisabeth Amalia Antonia Josepha Gabriele Johanna Agathe – Dead at age three.
Maria Anna Josepha Antonia – The oldest surviving daughter. She was called “Marianna”.
Maria Carolina Ernestina Antonia Johanna Josepha – Dead at one.
Joseph Benedikt Anton Michael Adam II – The oldest son.
Maria Christina Johanna Josepha Antonia – The fourth daughter. She was called “Mimi”.
Maria Elisabeth Josepha – Considered the most beautiful out of the daughters, until she developed smallpox which scarred her face.
Charles Joseph – The favorite of Maria and Joseph. He died shortly before his sixteenth birthday.
Maria Amalia Josepha Johanna Antonia – The eigth child.
Peter Leopold Joseph Anton Joachim Pius Gotthard II – The third son, known simply as Leopold II.
Maria Carolina – The ninth child. She was named after her deceased sister and died shortly after being baptized.
Maria Johanna Gabriela Josepha Antonia – She died of smallpox when she was only twelve.
Maria Josepha Gabriela Johanna Antonia Anna – She was the ninth but sixth surviving daughter. She died of smallpox at sixteen.
Maria Carolina Louise Josepha Johanna Antonia – The thirteenth and tenth surviving child.
Ferdinand Karl Anton Joseph Johann Stanislaus – The fourth son.
Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna – Marie Antoinette herself. She was the fifteenth child.
Maximilian Francis – The last child.

Marie went on to marry King Louis XVI or Louis-Auguste at the age of thirteen. He was only fourteen.

They had four children:

Marie Thérèse Charlotte – Nicknamed “Mousseline” by Marie.
Louis Joseph Xavier François
– Known as “Charles”. He died when he was ten.
Marie Sophie Hélène Béatrice – Known as “Sophie”. She died when she was eleven months old.