Meaning: “Friend of horses”
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: FIL-ip, FEE-lip
Origin: Greek
Other forms of the name: Phillip, Filip, Filippus, Philippos, Philippe, Vilppu, Felipe, Philippa (girl)

A charming and classic name that I think is very handsome, and has the adorable nickname of Pip! It currently ranks #402 in the US so it’s not too common but not too unusual either.

The name Philip comes from the Greek elements philos which means “friend” and hippos which meant “horse”. Six Kings of France and five of Spain were bearers of this name, and so were five Kings of Macedonia. The Philippines were in fact named after one of the Kings of Spain. There are many other bearers too. There is Philip “Pip” Pirrip from Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations”, the Prince from Sleeping Beauty is named Philip, and recently in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” there was a missionary named Philip Swift. Philip has appeared on the US’s most popular names since 1880 and hasn’t not ranked since then.

I know some people have said how they dislike the meaning of Philippa/Philip but I personally think it is lovely. I love names with some connection to animals or plants, and this one has a great meaning and has a great sound. Horses are graceful and strong animals and without them we would have not accomplished a lot of things today. Horses were invaluable to different tribes of people, they were used for hunting, food, and trading and of course, they helped us get around. Riding a horse and having a special connection with one is incredible, you feel free and excited and scared. Once you’ve ridden you can see why there is so much mysticism surrounding these majestic creatures. People have probably worshipped horses since the Bronze Age. Horses are seen as divine creatures and are sometimes a sacred animal associated with a certain deity.

This name is a nice option for people who are into classic names, names from literature, and horse lovers.