Rupert Edward William
Callum Douglas
Oscar John Merlin (A brother for Beatrix)
Albert Peter (A brother for Arthur)
Digby William and Herbie Hector (Brothers for Mathilde and Rafferty)
Charles Hugh Valentine (A brother for Grace and Rafe)
Ludo Oliver Hanbury (A brother for Archie, Tallulah-Plum and Hubie)
Monty Thomas
Caspian Henry (A brother for Katinka and Xander)
Albert Christopher
Hubert Balthazar
Jonathan Peter (A brother for Bee and Ottilie)


Rosabelle Sophia Beatrice (A sister for Felix and Aurelia)
Iris Lavinia
Sybella Sophie Beatrix (A sister for Freddy, Hugo, Oscar and Rex)
Clementine Marguerite (A sister for William)
Isobelle Hannah
Isla Fleur
Emma Jane Rhys (A sister for James and Lucy)
Heidi Anita Lockheart (A sister for Max)
Kinvara Lisetta Mimi (Born to a Count and Countess!)
Dylan Rose
Faye Charlotte Willemijn (A sister for Chloe)
Alexandra Lillian
Charlotte Lily (A sister for Matilda)
Amy Catherine (A sister for Emma)