Meaning: “White flower”
Gender: Female
Pronunciation: SAHS-nee-teh
Origin: Mayan
Other forms of the name: N/A

I found this interesting name and thought it was lovely. I can’t find much on it other than it’s origin and meaning, so I’ll tell you a bit about the mythology of white flowers.

White flowers are symbols of death and purity, The Greeks and Romans have their own tells about how white roses came to be; In Greek mythology when Chronos cut off Ouranus’ genitals and it fell to the ocean, Aphrodite was born of the foam of the ocean and when it touched the shores, white roses bloomed there. In Roman Mythology it states that Venus was in love with Adonis, and when he died her tears fell to the earth and they formed into beautiful white roses.

To dream of white flowers is supposed to be an omen of death; Lilies are associated with chastity and virtue, they are common at funerals and symoblizes that the soul of the dead has been given restored innocence in death. Another story about the lily is that the Roman Goddess Juno was breastfeeding her son Heracles and some milk fell and created the milky way, the rest of the milk fell and created the white lily.