"A Fashionable Couple" by Rebecca Solomon

Once again the brides are on the right and the grooms are on the left!

Obelia to Primas
Mae Belle to Oscar
Eloise to Clarence
Lillie to Nolie
Harriet to Rufus
Alice to Green
Emma to Odom
Tabby to Redeemer
Cornelia to Hyman
Cora to Gilmore
Joe to Boss
Elizabeth to Zachariah
Vanata to Jim
Bertha to Napoleon
Georgie to Hickman
Cora to Alurunzy
Lucretia to Elijah
Adeline to Jordon
Belle to Emory
Vicie to Edgar
Caroline to Julius
Lovie to Marion
Beula Pearl to Jesse
Carrie to Kirby
Amanda to Lipscomb
Maybell to Weaver
Leuvenia to Lafayette
Eulalia to R.L.
Prizanna to Jas
Ruthie to Sank
Ludie to Ovid
Phoebe to J.M.
Jane to Sunday
Epie to Theadore
Mit to Pearl
Arbella to Floyd
Rosa to Bias
Alice to Pleas
Jettie to Grover
Sarah to Dock
Ottie to Alvis
Lissa to Pen
Mary to Feeling
Syneanthie to Ben
Stella to Cloud
Georgia to Comma
Mollie to Pet
Ethel Cloudia to Dennis
Artie to John
Bettie to Bertley
Jessie to Zill
Hannis to T.J.
Emma Novella to Jordon
Audrey to Cooper
Wordie to Bose
Eurellian to Don
Alberta to Perry
Nora to Abe
Texanna to Narcis
Muriel to Leon
Penna to Dave
Fronnie to Bryan
Selettie to J.N.
Creasy to Algus