"Apollo and Hyacinth" by Alexander Alexeyevich

Meaning: N/A
Gender: Unisex
Pronunciation: HYE-uh-sinth
Origin: Greek, English
Other forms of the name: Hyacinthus, Hyacinthe, Hyakinthos, Jacinto, Jacenty, Giacinto

I know. Right now you’re thinking, “Hyacinth? For a boy?” Well I say, who ever made it a rule that flower names were to be only used for girls? This name could be used for either gender. The namesake we’re talking about today is Hyacinth, or Hyacinthus, from Greek mythology.

Hyacinth was a beautiful male Spartan who was loved by the God Apollo. He loved playing sports too, so one day Apollo and Hyacinth decided to play discus. Apollo sent the discus flying into the air, and Hyacinth went to catch it to impress Apollo, unfortunately it hit him in the head and killed him. Apollo was heartbroken. He would not allow Hades to take him to the Underworld so instead he turned him into a beautiful flower. His tears supposedly stained the flower with ai, ai, the sign of his grief. Another version tells that the West Wind, Zephyr, was also enamoured with Hyacinth though Hyacinth preferred Apollo. This angered Zephyr so he manipulated the wind so that it would strike Hyacinth. There is debate that the flower is actually an iris or larkspur, though you’ll have to decide for yourself.