Meaning: “Quiet” or “Calm”
Gender: Female
Pronunciation: kee-TRHEE
Origin: French
Other forms of the name: Quitéria, Quiterie

A very unusual but highly beautiful name. Saint Quitterie was said to be a Visigoth Princess of Galicia, Spain, she supposedly fled from her home because she did not want to be forced to renounce Christianity and marry an unchristian man. So she was tracked down by some of her father’s men and was ordered to be beheaded. Legend states after being beheaded she stood up, picked up her head and walked up a hill from which a fountain burst forth.

 There are lots of Churches in France and Spain dedicated to her. In Gascony, France, (of which she is patron Saint) she was said to have left some of her relics but were scattered around by Huguenots. Her fountain in Gascony is said to get rid of mental illnesses and headaches. Quitterie also supposedly protects against rabies, which is why she is often pictured with a dog on a leash.

Quitterie comes from the Latin adjective “quietus” meaning, “quiet”, or “calm”.