"The Holly Fairy" by Cicely Mary Barker

Meaning: “Holly”
Gender: Unisex
Pronunciation: KELL-ihn
Origin: Welsh
Other forms of the name: N/A

A lovely alternative to the increasingly popular Holly. Most people would probably think this name would be better for a girl, but I happen to prefer it for a boy. I think it is unusual how Holly is a popular name for a girl when holly is a masculine plant.

Holly are mildly toxic to humans, though birds seem to have no problem with them. Back in the day powdered holly leaves were brewed into a tea that helped with measles and burnt leaves put into a drink helped with whooping-cough. Holly helps protect against many things, including evil spirits; a sprig should be kept in one’s pocket all year round for protection.

If you are born sometime between July 8th or August 4th you were born under the holly moon, according to Celtic moon signs. People born under this moon have a strong connection to the Earth and have great physical strength. They are very stable and generous.

Druids wore holly in their hair and believed it was a sacred plant, as it stayed green all year round. The Romans associated it with their God Saturn. Some Romans began celebrating the birth of Christ, and, so not to be persecuted, they hung holly in their homes for Saturnalia. And that’s where it came from. It of course, eventually lost its Pagan roots and became just another symbol of the Christmas season. There is also the song, “The Holly and the Ivy” which is a popular Christmas carol that also had Pagan roots, though some of the lyrics were Christianized later on.