Meaning: “Candle seller”
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: CHAND-lure
Origin: English
Other forms of the name: N/A

Candles are a big part of Christmas, as is light. Jesus is supposed to bring light to the world, so that’s one reason. But before all of that they were given as gifts at the Festival of Saturnalia and offered to the God Saturn to represent his light. The Pagans also used candles along with bonfires to symbolize the sun and the passing seasons.

Later on candles were placed outside of windows to guide the young Christ through the houses on Christmas Eve. The Victorians used candles as decorations for Christmas trees and were considered symbols of the Star of Wonder.

Chandler is fairly popular, probably due to the charcter on the hit TV show “Friends”. I know some people like this name for a girl, but for me, it is strictly male. Chandler comes from a surname meaning, of course, “candle seller”. It is a middle English surname coming from Old French