Meaning: An evergreen plant or tree keeps it’s leaves all year round
Gender: Unisex
Pronunciation: eh-ver-GREEN
Origin: English
Other forms of the name: N/A

A perfectly unusual name for the Christmas season. Beautiful evergreens are chosen each year for Christmas trees, the most common being firs. Of course there are artificial trees, but I much prefer the real thing; not only are they prettier, they fill the house with a lovely smell, the smell of the holidays.  Evergreens are a sign of rebirth. The use of a Christmas tree goes all the way back to 15th century Estonia and Latvia in which the Brotherhood of Blackheads put up a tree for the holidays. In Germany in the Middle Ages a “Paradise tree” was put up. The “Paradise tree” was used for plays about Adam and Eve; A fir tree would be decorated with apples which represented the garden of Eden.

Those who aren’t Christian sometimes call them Yule trees. Of course the tree is usually decorated (sometimes Yule trees are not) and topped with an angel or star. Sometimes people decorate trees outside the house with bird friendly items such as garlands made of popcorn or cranberries, and suet cakes covered with seeds.