I have a mild form of Grapheme-color synesthesia. Sounds weird, but it really isn’t. When I hear a name, I get a color with it, sometimes a sort of fabric as well. Sometimes I have to think harder about it to see which color but for others it is the first picture I have. Anyone else have this? Most of these I had to think more on to see which color but Ursula and Jane are some of the ones I see easily.

Here is a list of some names and the colors I see with them:

Ursula – dark purple
Vincent – gray
Jane – bright yellow, the kind of fabric thing is something like crushed wrapping paper
Blanche – a white irridescent color, sort of like a pearl
Graham – red
Gilda – gold
Fenella – green
Maud – a lavender purple
Pearl – pink
Constantine – gray and green
Sibyl – gray, this one also sort of looks like a pearl or sometimes white
Jack – red or brown
Charlotte – black or gray
George – yellow
Rhonda – dark red