Meaning: “Rosy cheeked”
Gender: Female
Pronunciation: I think row-DOP-iz
Origin: Greek
Other forms of the name: N/A

Rhodopis is the name of the Cinderella in the Ancient Egyptian tale written in the first century B.C. by the Greek Historian Stabro. The story goes that Rhodopis was a Greek slave living in her Egyptian master’s home. Her master slept most of the time so he did not see how badly she was treated by the other servants in the house, mostly because she was foregin and looked so different; her hair was golden while their’s was black, her skin was pale while their’s was dark, and her eyes were green instead of their’s which were brown. One day Rhodopis’ master saw her dancing and how beautiful it was, so he gave her a pair of rose gilded slippers. Now of course the other girls where not happy at all, so they treated her even worse.

One day the Pharoh Ahmose II was having a celebration and invited all of the people of Egypt. The other girls stopped her from attending it by giving her tons of chores to do. While Rhodopis is washing clothes in the river she gets her slippers wet and takes them off and sets them out to dry. The falcon Horus swoops down and picks up one of the slippers and flies off with it. Rhodopis takes the other one and conceals it in her dress.

During the celebration Horus drops the slipper into the lap of the Pharoh and realizing this is a sign from Horus he declares all the maidens in the land have to try on the slipper and see if it fits. So this search brings him to Rhodopis’ house but she hides when he arrives. He sees her though and asks her to try on the slipper and she does, of course it fits and she shows him the other slipper. And like all fairy-tale endings, they end up married and she gets a happy life.