Illustration by Enoch Bolles for "Breezy Tales"

Meaning: “Dedicated”
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: EE-nek or EE-nok
Origin: English, Hebrew
Other forms of the name: Enok, Chanokh

This unusual Biblical name comes from the Hebrew name Chanokh, it is the name of Cain’s son and is the name of Methuselah’s father. Methuselah’s father supposedly wrote the “Books of Enoch”.

There are a few other bearers of the name Enoch, one being Enoch Bolles who painted the picture above. He was one of the first “glamor” illustrators and is famous for his pin-ups. He was one of the sole artists for the covers of “Film Fun” which was banned in many countries for its racy content. Another is Enoch Arden who is the main character in Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem of the same name. He is a fisherman who lost at sea while trying to provide for his family, unfortunately while he is away his wife reluctantly remarries. Years later he returns but does not want to ruin her happiness so he doesn’t see her and dies anonymously from grief. There is also a politician named Enoch Powell who was a Conservative Party Member of Parliament.