"Magdalene" by Carlo Dolci

Meaning: “Tower” and “of Magdala”
Gender: Female
Pronunciation: MAG-deh-lyn or MAG-deh-leen
Origin: Hebrew
Other forms of the name: Magdalena, Magdalone, Madeline/Madeleine, Mahulena, Madailéin, Maialen, Mădălina, Magdolna, Madalena

The name Magdalene is a title that that was used for Mary Magdalene to distinguish her from other Mary’s in the Bible, it meant “from Magdala” which is where she was from. The village of Magdala was on the sea of Galilee, it’s name meant “tower”.

Mary Magdalene is sometimes just referred to as Mary or Magdalene, her given name was Maria which is the Latin form of the Greek Mariam. She is mentioned as have been cleansed of seven demons by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. She was a witness to the cruxifiction of Jesus Christ and she was the first person to see him resurrected. Mary Magdalene is called the “Equal of the Apostles” for her work of spreading the gospel to others.

Pope Gregory the Great was the first person to call Mary Magdalene a prostitute. In the Bible Luke calls somebody named Mary a sinful woman, and he proposed it was Mary Magdalene. However there is another Mary that scholars believe might be the one Luke spoke of, Mary of Bethany. Some people believed Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany were the same women, but today it is believed they were two seperate people. So the next time you here somebody call Mary Magdalene a prostitue, tell them this and see what they have to say about it then. I’m really offended that they would call her a prostitute, sure, she may have been, but why should we really care? It’s not like we knew the girl!

Surprisingly Magdalene hasn’t been in the US’ top names since 1944 when it ranked #866. It really is a beautiful name, and Mary Magdalene is an interesting figure, would you use it?