Meaning: “Field, plain, battlefield”
Gender: Unisex
Pronunciation: BLAYR
Origin: Scottish
Other forms of the name: N/A

A name that has been in the US’ top names since 1881, for boys, that is. It more recently became a girl’s a name, though it was last in the US’ top names in 2000 when it ranked #970. In Scotland it currently ranks at #81 for boys.

Blair comes from a Scottish surname that came from the Gaelic blár which meant “field, plain, battlefield.” Today it is probably better known as the name of Leighton Meester’s character in the TV show “Gossip Girl”. There is of course, “The Blair Witch Project” as well. And contrary to belief, the witch’s name is not Blair. It is Elly Kedward. And “The Blair Witch Project” is not a true story, whatever you have read, it is made up by the film creators, which I commend for the great lengths they went to to create a credible story. But it is false.

There are quite a few people with the surname Blair. Bonnie Blair is a retired American speedskater, she is one of the most decorated atheletes in Olympic history, Harold Blair is a famous Australian tenor and Aboriginal rights activist, and Selma Blair is a famous actress who has been in “Hellboy”, Hellboy II: The Golden Army”, “The Fog”, and “Purple Violets”.