I have this weird thing for girl’s names that are feminizations of boy’s names, I can’t really explain it! There’s just something really charming about it. Some are a little predictable but I still think this is a beautiful list!

Arthur – Arthurine
Pádraig – Pádraigín
Étienne – Étiennette
Anslem – Anslema
Crescentius – Crescencia
Jacob – Jacobine
Pastor – Pastora
Ernest – Ernestina, Ernesta, Ernestine
Philip/Phillip – Philippa, Philipa, Phillipa, Philippina
Henry – Henrietta
Pierre – Perrine, Pierette
Albus – Alba
Martin – Martina, Martine
Pelagius – Pelagia
Charles – Charlotte, Caroline
Edwin – Edwina
Flavius – Flavia, Flavie
Pallav – Pallavi
Albert – Albertine
Hilarius – Hilaria
Lysander – Lysandra
Ferdinand – Ferdinanda
Sidonius – Sidonia, Sidonie
Raphael – Raphaella, Raphaela, Rafaela, Raphaëlle
Vimal – Vimala
Fabien – Fabienne
Pius – Pia
Alastar – Alastríona
Cyril – Cyrielle
Émilien – Émilienne
George – Georgia, Georgina, Georgiana, Georgette, Georgine
Leopold – Léopoldine
Pascal – Pascale, Pascaline, Pascuala
Zephyr – Zéphyrine

Which are your favorites? My favorites are Pascaline, Lysandra, Ernestine, Jacobine, Pastora, Arthurine, and Pádraigín.