Meaning: “Top of the heath”
Gender: Unisex
Pronunciation: PENN-rows
Origin: Welsh and Cornish
Other forms of the name: Penrhos

I lovely name that I would love to see on a child (especially a boy!). Penrose is a surname and a place-name, there is a little village that is called Penrhos in Gwynedd, Wales, a Penrose is in New Zealand, and a Penrose in New South Wales. Penrhos Castle is located in Monmoutshire and is basically just a mote now after it was attacked.

Penrose comes from the Celtic pen meaning “head” or “top” and ros which means “heath” or “moorland”. The first time a variation of Penrose was used as a surname was in 1195, the man was named Philip de Penros. There was a Sir Charles Vinicombe Penrose who was head of a squadron that worked with the army in the Peninsula war 1813.

So do you think this name could work today for a boy? He could be called Pen as a nickname if he wanted.