Gaspard Ulliel

Meaning: “Treasurer”
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: gahs-PAR
Origin: French
Other forms of the name: Jasper, Gaspare, Jesper, Kasper, Casper, Gaspar, Gáspár

A name that currently ranks at #78 in France, could it work here? Gaspard may have some pronunciation issues as the D is silent, but after a few corrections you would think people would finally catch on.

There have been a few prominent Gaspard’s in history. Gaspard Dughet was a French painter who was born in Rome who was famous for his paintings of landscapes, Gaspard de Coligny was a French Huguenot leader who came from a noble family in Burgundy, his family can be traced back to the 11th century and served King Louis XI of France. He was friends with
François of Guise and went to court at the age of 22. Later on when the Protestant King Henry of Navarre was getting married Marguerite de Valois he was shot by a man called Maurevert but it only tore one of his fingers from his right hand and shattered his elbow. It was never found out who hired this man to try to kill Gaspard, however this “Maurevert” whoever he really was came from the house of de Guise, so it is thought the family Guise wanted him killed, maybe also Catherine de Medici or the Duke of Alba. After this the Catholics were afraid the Huguenots would want revenge for this and decided to assassinate them in what is called the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Gaspard was stabbed in his lodgings by one of the Guise’s in the breast and thrown from his window, he didn’t die until one of the Guise’s cut off his head. 

Gaspard Bauhin was a botanist. Gaspar is often one of the names of the Three Wise Men that come to give Jesus gifts when he is born. Sometimes he is referred to as Jasper though.

Today it is recognized as the name of French actor and model Gaspard Ulliel, known for portraying a young Hannibal Lecter in “Hannibal Rising”, and for playing Manech in “A Very Long Engagement” opposite Audrey Tautou and is more recently the face of the cologne Bleu de Chanel, you may have seen the commercials which Martin Scorsese directed.