A few interesting finds, the females are on the left, the men on the right.

Annie to Joe
Neathy to Joseph
Nannie to Philander
Annie Lee to Ruby
Selma to Frank
Ella to Buy
Evie to Seymore
Camilla to D.T.
Jessie to Edward
Eugenia to Henry
Mattie to Reed
Bedie to Alonzo J.
Christine to Bailey
Estella to Charley
Yola to Earl Porter
Ona to John
Mattie to Kid
Nellie to Napoleon B.
Lillie to Thomas
Belle to Walter
Anica to William
Bertha to Emmett
Inis to Frank
Lue to John
Pauline H. to Armstead
Georgia to Edgar
Bertha to Montgomery Frank
Tina May to Guy
Elzora to Richard
Josie to Herman
Rozena to Andrew
Kittie to Chas Jr.
Margarie to George
Narcissas to John
Lucretia to John
Effie to Steve
Georgia to Yancy
Phillis to B.J.
Crenar to C.A.
Texanna to S.A.
Alwilda to Carter
Luticia to Lee
Zula to Lloyd
Allitee to R.H.
Parilee to W.N.
Pearl to Winston
Siba to J.T.
Missouri to Sam
Kizzie to Joe
Dicey to Beal
Scilla to Fayette
Ollie to Emanuel
Tennie to W.L.
Daisy to Hiram
Blanche to Lem
Lee Willie to Jewel
Chainey to H.J.
Neal to Johnnie
Alvarn to Miller
Annie to August
Easter to Peter
Emma to Elias
Jennie to Isom
Quilla to W.H.
Monte Bella to Wiley
Lallie to Arthur
Leila to Odell
Prudie to J.T.
Lora to Ruben
Sanytha to Ancel
Ionia to Colonel
Luna to Allen Lee Ector
Annie to Webb
Gertrude to Baxter
Charlotte (full name Charlotte Lovelady) to Henry
Bell to Willie
Delsie to J.F.
Emeline to Harrison
Lucinda to Kiza
Dixie to William
Malindy to Bud
Mamie to Delbert
Hester to Hugh
Parthena to R.W.
May to Street
Mozel to George
Dollie to Isaac
Antillis to E.S.
Barbara to Felix