Arthur George (A brother for Sophia)
Harry George Arthur
Maximilian Barclay
Edward Henry Laurence
Max Alexander James
Artemis Comso (A brother for Blaise; spell it Artemas and this would’ve been perfect.)
John Digby St. Quintin
Rollo Frederick (A brother for Archie)
Oscar Peter (A brother for Isobel)
Ralph Tony, and Bruno Nick
Edward Bernard Richard
Hugo Alexander (A brother for Anna)
Leonardo William Marcus
Joseph Augustine (A brother for Martha and Flora)
Milo Benjamin
Montgomery Edward Denning (A brother for Isabella)
Nicholas Malyn
Roran James
Felix Oscar Jack Risley
Louis Zulu St. John (A brother for Wilfred, and Oscar)
Jasper Timothy Angus (A brother for Eliza)
Ivo James (A brother for Florence, George, and Benedict)
Murray Eyre John Patrick (A brother for Sydney)
Finlay Thomas Richard
Stanley Jack
Harry Nicholas Arden
James Rhys Stuart (A brother for Sophie, Thomas, and Rosie)
George Joseph Simon


Kitty Jemima (A sister for Poppy)
Flora Charlotte (A sister for Alice)
Lucinda Mary (A sister for Elsie)
Tabitha Liberty (A sister for Jago)
Lara Florence (A sister for Isabella)
Tansy Helen Hedworth
Zoe Heather
Antonia Miriam Aderyn  (A sister for Thomas, and Susanna)
Arabella Jane Hilda (A sister for Mary)
Katharine Rose Giselle
Daisy Annabel (A sister for Hugo)
Niamh Grace
Eleanor Sophie Jane (A sister for Seamus, and Beth)
Beatriz Carolina
Tallulah Valentine (A sister for Archie)
Tatiana Fleur Jemima
Emily Hannah
Daisy Honor Santa
Celeste Emmeline
Sienna Cathryn (A sister for Freddie and Jessamy)
Isolde Elizabeth (A sister for Eleri Beatrice)
Isabelle Doris Hostombe
Iona Jasmine Diana
Katie Megan