A very young James Madison

Meaning: “Substitute”
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: JAYMZ
Origin: English
Other forms of the name: Jacob, Iago, Séamus, Giacomo, Jacques

One of the most classic of boy’s names, since 1880 it has not been outside of the top twenty names of the US. Ocassionally it used for a girl’s name, but I think its strictly male. Today it ranks at #19, still popular, though not as much as it was in 1800s where it ranked #3.
James is the English form of the Latin Iacomus which came from the Greek Iakobos, the Greek version of the Hebrew Ya’aqov. There are two Saint James in the Bible and James the Just who is mentioned as being Jesus’ brother. King James VI was a Scottish King who was the first ruler of all of Britain.
James Madison was the fourth President of the United States of America. He was born in 1751 and was the President from 1809 to 1817; James is called “The Father of the Constitution” for being the main author of the United States Constitution and the author of the United States Bill of Rights, though his friends just called him Jemmy. He was once described as being no bigger than a half piece of soap; James was a tiny little man with very blue eyes, he often wore black and powdered his hair white, probably to make him look older since many thought he was much younger than he actually was. He is the only president to have had two vice-presidents die while he was in office.