Gilda Gray

Meaning: “Covered with gold”, “gilded”, “value”
Gender: Female
Pronunciation: GIL-duh
Origin: Germanic, Italian
Other forms of the name: N/A

Gilda was originally a nickname for Germanic names containing gild. It hasn’t ranked in the US’ most popular name list since 1961 at #976. The biggest namesake is probably Rita Hayworth’s character in the movie “Gilda” which came out in 1946. “Gilda” is about a gambler named Johnny Farrell who is saved by a gunman named Ballin Mundson, Johnny then becomes Ballin’s right-hand man and friend. When Mundson goes on a trip and comes back with the beautiful Gilda as his wife, things become strained. Johnny knew Gilda before and doesn’t exactly like her anymore. When Mundson goes missing, their feelings turn into something else.
Another famous Gilda is Gilda Gray, a Polish born American actress and dancer. She is for popularizing the dance called “shimmy” in the US. She was born Marianna Michalska in 1901 and then started going by Mary Gray. Her agent’s wife, Sophie Tucker, suggested the name Gilda for her, referencing her golden hair.

(Dedicated to my aunt Gilda :D)