Meaning: “Bright raven”
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: BER-trahm or BER-trem
Origin: German
Other forms of the name: Bertrand, Bertrando

I love Bertram, it’s a little stuffy and aristocratic but has the accessible nickname of Bertie. Bertram was brought to England by the Normans. It comes from berhat combined with hramn. It last showed up on the US’ popular names list in 1970 at #987. Bertram von Minden or as he’s better known, Master Bertram, is a famous Gothic painter who was popular during the Renaissance.
Ravens are fairly large birds common in both Europe and North America. In fact the raven is the world’s largest perching bird, they eat dead animals and even sometimes kill their own food; their diet also consists of reptiles, seeds, smalls mammals, eggs, and insects. They are very smart and can learn to talk. Wolves and ravens are almost always together, wolves look to ravens in the sky to see where there may be a kill and ravens eat what the wolves kill. In Shetland and Orkney if a girl sees a raven at Imbloc she can predict the direction of her future husband’s home if she follows the raven when it flies off.