Avdotia Istomina

Meaning: “To seem well”
Gender: Female
Pronunciation: AHV-dotch-yah
Origin: Russian
Other forms of the name: Avdotya, Yevdokiya, Evdokiya

The name Avdotia is a variant of the name Avdotya which comes from the Greek Eudocia. Avdotia Istomina was the most famous Russian ballerina of the 19th century. She was a student of Charles-Louis Didelot’s, a French dancer and choreographer; many men were killed duelling for her affections but she eventually a young actor who died shortly after. Avdotia was described as being of medium build with brunette hair and fiery black eyes. As the years went on she became less favored and eventually retired from the ballet. In “Eugene Onegin” her graceful moves are described in a lovely stanza.