Meaning: “Follower of St. Munnu”, “moorland, turf bog”, or “Descendent of Moses”
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: MAHS
Origin: English
Other forms of the name: N/A

I just love the look of moss, I love its spongey, soft texture and how it’s really a simple little plant that is often overlooked. There are 12,000 different types of moss, they are herbaceous little things that absorb water and nutrients through their leaves. They have no vascular systems to carry water so they must live some place damp. In the late 19th century growing moss became a fad in Britain and America; many mosseries were installed in gardens.

In World War I some moss was used to dress soldier’s wounds as they are very absorbent and are mildly antibacterial.
Moss is also a common surname in England and Ireland which is sometimes a translation of O’Maolmona, an old Gaelic name. It is thought this surname was given to someone who lived near a bog, in Olde English it is Mos, which may have relation to the Medieval spelling of the Hebrew name Moses, Mosse.