The "Hazel-Catkin Fairy" by C.M. Barker

Meaning: “Kitten”
Gender: Female
Pronunciation: CAHT-ken
Origin: Dutch
Other forms of the name: N/A

I found this the other day while looking through some Wikipedia articles about plants and trees and I thought it would be lovely, quirky little name.
Catkins are cylindrical flowers that have no petals and are usually wind pollinated, sometimes insect pollinated. They are common in many plants, such as willow, sweetfern, birch, hickory, sweet chestnut, and hazel trees. They got their name because they resemble kitten’s or cat’s tails. They are also known as aments which is of Latin origin meaning “thong” or “strap”. There is also a book titled “Catkin” by Antonia Barber that tells the story of a tiny cat that can fit in the palm of a child’s hand. He is adopted by a farmer and his wife and is in charge of looking a baby. He proves to be very brave when he has to protect the baby from the “Little people”.