Jesus with the little girl

Thanks to Emily for suggesting Talitha!

Meaning: “Little girl”
Gender: Female
Pronunciation: TAL-ih-thuh or tah-LEE-thuh
Origin: Aramaic
Other forms of the name: Talaith

The name Talitha comes from the phrase “talitha cumi” which Jesus spoke to bring a young girl back to life in the Gospel of Mark. The story goes that while Jesus was healing many people, a man named Jairus came to him and asked him to heal his daughter who was dying. Jesus and the others started to walk to Jairus’ house but were met by messenger’s saying that his daughter had died. Jesus told him not to be afraid and to keep on believing. He entered the house and said she was just sleeping and placed his hands on her and told her to get up in Aramaic. The girl jumped up immediately and began to run around the room, Jesus told Jairus and his wife not to tell anybody what happened and to give the girl some food. Talitha is also the name of two stars in the Ursa Major constellation, Talitha Australis and Talitha Borealis. A genus of moth in the subfamily Depressarriinae was named Talitha in 1978, thought its name was later changed to Hozbeka.