"Fishermen at Sea" by J.M.W. Turner

Thanks to Emily for suggesting Seaborn!

Meaning: “Sea Warrior” or “Born at sea”
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: SEE-born
Origin: Anglo-Saxon
Other forms of the name: Saebeorn, Sabern/Sebern, Seaborne, Seabourne, Seabon.

Seaborn is a surname-name coming from the Old English  pre 7th century name Saebeorn which means “Sea Warrior”. Common names of the pre 7th century were compound names having to do with Gods of Fire, Water, or War. One of the first recordings of the family name Sebern was that of Nel Sebern in the “Kalendar of Abbot Samson of Bury St. Edmunds” in Suffolk, during the reign of “Richard the Lionheart”, 1189-1199. There is also Seaborn Jones, a United States Representative from Georgia born in 1788, Sam Seaborn, a character on “The West Wing” played by Rob Lowe, and a Seaborn Cruise Line. The highest Seaborn ever ranked in the US was #679 in 1887.