Oliver Timothy George (A brother for Eloise, Edward, and Harry)
Archie Ben (A brother for Maysie)
Huey Francis William (A brother for Hope)
Edward Alexander Stucley (A brother for William)
Hugo Peter (A brother for Isabella)
Harry David (A brother for Lucy Angela)
Felix Alexander
Arthur Ian Benedict
Digby Henry Rhodes (A brother for Bertie)
Noah Mossy
Rufus Paul
Dominic Robert (A brother for Emilia)
Werner Jan Hendrik (A brother for Sebastian and Eva)
Archibald Henry Churton (A brother for Georgiana)
Robin James (A brother for Austin Edward)


Florence Sara Vivian (A sister for Otto and Theodore)
Olive Rose
Isabella Caroline
Beatrice (A sister for Elizabeth, Isabella, Catherine, Eleanor, and Henry.)
Camilla Eleanor Jane
Lexie Clara Frances (A sister for Leonie)
Poppy Beatrix (A sister for Freddie and Ottilie)
Rosalind Eleanor
Annabel Fiona Catherine
Grace Margaret Wreford (A sister for Natalia and Willoughby)
Xanthe Meredith Felicity (A sister for Flora, Hugh, and Hector)