Meaning: Possibly “Royal child”
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: ə-NOO-bis
Origin: Egyptian
Other forms of the name: Inpu, Anup, Anpu, Ienpw

I thought this name would be perfect for October.
Anubis is the Egyptian God of Death. He escorts the dead to the underworld and is also known as “He who is upon his mountain” and “He is in the place of the embalming.” Eventually Anubis was replaced by the God Osiris in the Middle Kingdom. His wife is the Goddess Anput and his daughter is the Goddess Kebechet. Both Anubis and Anput are depicted with jackal heads and human bodies. Other times Anubis is shown as a full jackal with a ribbon and a flail in the crook of his arm. The significance of a jackal is that they were heavily associated with death because they often dug up bodies in the cemeteries and devoured them. Anubis is always shown as a black jackal, mostly because it is the color of rotting flesh and because of the black soil of the Nile valley which symbolizes rebirth. Anubis is often pictured sitting upon tombs, protecting them. When a body was being embalmed the head embalmer would wear an Anubis costume.