Oscar Vaughan
Frederick Maximo Victor
Wilfred Grey
Nathan Frazer
Rudyard Francis Basil (Stunning!)
Fox Tor
Angus Rollo (A brother for Robert)
William Doyle Charlie
Arthur Benedict (A brother for Beatrice)
Felix Arthur Wickham


Tallulah Honor (A sister for Hal)
Poppy Elsa Seymour (A sister for Jasper, Grace, and Fergus)
Iona Luci Ophelia Bunty (A sister for Benedict, Bertie, Edward, and Flora)
Ariadne Mary (A sister for Dominic)
Letitia Milly-Maria
Ottillie Hope Veronica
Billie-Jean Gladys
Ellen Kitty (A sister for George)
Mabel Pamela Artereta