Sir Griflet

Meaning: Possibly “Returns Excalibur to the lake”
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: GRIFF-let
Origin: N/A
Other forms of the name: Girflet, Jaufré.

Sir Griflet is one of the Knights of the Round Table and cousin to Sir Lucan and Sir Bedievere. Griflet first appears as a squire and one of King Arthur’s greatest allies, when he was knighted he became one of the very first Knights of the Round Table. Some say he was one of the few survivors of the Battle of Camlann and is asked by Arthur to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake, others say say he is one of the knights killed defending Guinevere’s execution when Lancelot saves her. In other stories Bedivere is the one who returns the sword to the lake. Griflet is the hero of the romance story “Jaufré” which is the only surviving Arthurian romance written in Provençal. Griflet could very well be of French origin as his full name is Sir Griflet le Fise de Dieu (“Son of God”). No one knows exactly who is father is, one time it mentions Lord Cardol, another time it mentioned his father was Do. However, according to certain legends his mother’s name was actually Do. Do is actually Don or Dana, an Irish goddess that all of the Tuatha de Danaan came from.