Tuvia Bielski

Meaning: “Yahweh is Good”
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: TOO-vee-ah
: Hebrew
Other forms of the name: Tobiah, Tuvya, Tovia.

In the summer of 1941 Tuvia, Zus, Asael, and Aron Bielski fled to the Naliboki forest taking as many men, women and children as they could. It was the largest armed rescue of the Jewish by the Jewish and by the time of 1944 when it was liberated there was over 1,200 people. They lived in the forest for two years and built a school, nursery and a hospital. Tuvia married Lilka, another Jewish escapee and they remained married for the rest of their lives. After the war Tuvia was offered a high position in the Israel Defense forces because of his brave acts and leadership. He however declined the offer and instead ran a mill in New York with his brother Zus for thirty years. Asael married Chaya, a member of the group. He unfortunately died six months after being drafted into Soviet Red Army. He never lived to his daughter Assaela. Zus left the group after a few months to join the Soviet Red Army but eventually returned. Zus’ wife and infant daughter were killed by Germans. He later married Sonia Boldo, another group member. Aron Bielski often acted as a field guide and is the youngest and the only brother still alive today.
Those the Bielski’s saved have over 10,000 offspring today.
Tuvia is the Hebrew form of the name Tobiah and is occasionally spelled Tuvya. Tuvia could possibly have some relation to the Yiddish name Tevya meaning “Good”.